Triniti Skin Series

triniti Skin Series
What is the triniti™ Skin Series?
The complete skin program for immediate, visible and long lasting results, triniti™ is a non-surgical treatment in three steps, performed sequentially, during the same office visit. With the triniti skin program, color correction, and wrinkle treatment can all be achieved in a single session, helping you achieve total facial renewal in just 3 treatment sessions!

The triniti Skin Series combines 3 of today’s most effective technologies. Trust the triniti Skin Series for a more youthful, refreshed appearance.
triniti™ Treatment Benefits
The triniti Skin Series is an industry-leading medical aesthetic skin treatment program for anti-aging. triniti enables you to comfortably and safely achieve a more youthful appearance without minimal downtime.

Here are some of the reasons why you can trust the triniti procedure:

FDA-cleared medical solution for total facial renewal | Featuring the revolutionary elos™ technology, combination of bi-polar radiofrequency and light/laser energies, allows the precise heating of the targeted treatment area using significantly less light energy compared to conventional IPL/laser treatments. This ensures a safe, effective and virtually painless treatment.

Non-surgical and non-invasive treatment results in no downtime | You can return to your daily activities immediately following treatment.

Cost-effective treatments: noticeable results can be achieved in a single office visit. | Only 3 visits are required to complete the long-lasting results of the triniti program, compared to other treatment technologies that require 5 or more visits.
triniti - before & after
triniti - before & after
triniti - before & after