Here's what a few of our client's had to say...

"Laser Lipo is the gift that keeps on giving. I am extremely pleased with my results. I am a person who exercises daily and felt like I was never getting ahead, I needed help. Dr. Howell and his staff were very honest, caring and answered all of my questions. Not only that, I look great now and I mentally feel great also. Thank you to all in the office."

"I began my treatment with a very skeptical attitude. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the results I am seeing. I am now a believer in these treatments!"

"I have been treated for low testosterone levels by Dr. Howell for 6 months and the improvements have been remarkable. My energy has increased, my muscle tone has improved (I do strength training) and my sex drive has gotten much better. I also use Metagenics Vitamins Wellness Essentials for Woman as recommended by Dr. Howell and I feel great! They especially help me when I start to feel sick – they ‘knock out’ the cold or run down feelings. I am so glad I found the Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Clinics."

"The best decision I made was to have Vaser Lipo. I had surgery scheduled already for a tummy tuck which would have cost thousands more. I couldn’t believe Vaser Lipo could replace a scalpel. BUT IT DID!! I could see the difference immediately and week by week it only got better. Not only did I end up with no excess skin but Dr. Howell was able to sculpt curves (oblique’s) that I have never had. He also did my chin and I have the jaw line of an 18 year old. Perfection!! Four months post Vaser Lipo I look exactly as I would have looked with the maximally invasive tummy tuck. I don’t know why more people aren’t aware of it. Perhaps they think it is just the old fashioned liposuction but it is not."

"Dr. Howell is not only a perfectionist when he performs surgery, but he has an artist’s eye. He sees what he wants to create/make you into. You are in the best hands and I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who wants to feel more confident in their skin. After all, it’s still me – just much better."

"Before I started therapy, I was tired, run down and unmotivated. I did not have the energy to keep up with my kids, my life or my work. Now, 6 six into therapy, I feel alive again. I have the energy level to play with my 5 kids, tackle my tasks at work in record time and the energy to give my lovely wife she deserves. Friends are asking where this energy is coming from, so they obviously notice. As a result of the increase in energy I have regained creativity that I haven’t had in years."

"Amazing! I never thought my body could ever look so fantastic – especially at 46! Staff and Dr. Howell are great. Procedure was a very easy recovery and I highly recommend it!"

"My profile was really showing my age and it bothered me. The VASER lipo was the answer for fixing the problem with no surgery. Thanks Dr. Todd!"

"After twenty years and three surgeries later, I hated my stomach and I felt like crap. Thank God for technology and the internet. I found an angel and a doctor who transformed my life in a visit. I feel like a whole new being. It’s never too late to discover your inter-diva! Grateful."

"Dr. Howell’s chair-side manner is great. From the minute you walk in the Clinic door everyone is friendly, and most of all sensitive to your needs and wishes."
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