Jane Iredale Cosmetics

The most beautiful cosmetic you can wear is a healthy skin.
That’s why everything Jane Iredale develops is a true extension of skin care. Their makeup is not just a refinement of conventional makeup; it is an advanced technology. It’s so effective that it is recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and skin care professionals worldwide.

Jane Iredale Cosmetics: The Skincare Makeup.
Four in one – Their micronized mineral bases are four products in one: foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen, and will disguise almost any skin discoloration.

SPF 20, UVA Medium Protection PurePressed Base and Amazing Base – Formulated with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, the minerals give instant, broad-spectrum, chemical-free sun protection. They also have a Very Water Resistant rating.

Fast, weightless coverage – Because Jane Iredale uses no fillers such as talc to dilute the effectiveness of the pigment, one quick application of their minerals will provide all-day coverage that requires minimum touch-ups and resists fading and creasing.

Non-comedogenic and oil-free – The skin is allowed to breathe and function normally. All products have passed laboratory-controlled comedogenicity tests.

Minimum allergy risk – All products are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and non-irritating. Jane Iredale uses no sensitizers such as fragrance, FD&C dyes or chemical preservatives in their products. Jane Iredale has eliminated bismuth oxychloride. All products have been safety, allergy and clinically tested, and all have undergone laboratory-controlled sensitivity tests using 50 human subjects per product, with no sensitivities recorded.

Coverage – Because the minerals are concentrated pigment, they give complete coverage and can be used effectively to camouflage large or small distractions.

Adhere – The minerals adhere to the skin until they are removed with any cleanser.

Anti-inflammatory – The titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in their bases have anti-inflammatory properties and are especially helpful for acne and rosacea-prone skins.

Inert – The minerals are inert and cannot support bacteria.

Quality – Jane Iredale uses state-of-the-art cosmeceutical ingredients to ensure the finest performance in coverage, application and texture. Their vitamins and antioxidants are pharmaceutical grade and certified organic where available.